Boarding Charges : as from 01.01.19

All charges are per night and exclusive of VAT: (as from 04.01.2011 VAT rate is 20%)

DOGS: Small £16.00 + VAT (£19.20)
  Medium £16.50 + VAT (£19.80)
  Large £17.00 + VAT (£20.40)
  Very Large £17.50 + VAT (£21.00)
CATS:   £10.75 + VAT (£12.90)

Please note that we charge per night, so you will NOT be charged for all or any part of the day on which you collect.

A reduction is given for two or more animals from the same house sharing a kennel or cattery pen.
For long stays, a reduction is given after the first three weeks.

Collection and delivery prices available on request.

Bathing, anal glands, nail-clipping and micro-chipping are all available on request.