Information for dogs, cats and their owners about boarding

Type of accommodation

Dogs have an individual indoor heated sleeping area, with a plastic bed and fleece for bedding. A hatchway leads through to an individual concrete run, which is outdoors but roofed. During most of the day (except when cleaning), the dog can go in or out at will. At night they are confined to their indoor area. They have both canine and human company all day long, and at night we leave the radio on.

Cats have a large individual pen, with a litter tray on the floor, and a heated igloo bed and food and water bowls on a raised shelf. They also have a fleece for bedding inside the heated igloo. The pens are separated from one another by toughened glass partitions, so it is light and airy but does not allow any contact between cats in different pens.

Opening hours

We are open every day of the week from 8am until 5pm. When dogs come in, however, it is preferable if they can come in the morning or early afternoon. The second feed is given at 4.30pm, so they need to be here by 4.30 at the latest. They can then settle in while there is plenty of human company around and they are much less likely to bark at night. When bringing in a cat, or collecting a dog or cat, you may come any time between 8am and 5pm.

All prices are per night, i.e. you will not be charged for the day on which you collect, regardless of whether you collect in the morning or the afternoon.

Making a booking

It is a good idea to make your booking as early as possible because we are always fully booked at the most popular holiday times. We do not normally require a deposit, so the easiest way to book is by phone. Changes to bookings can be made if necessary. We reserve the right to make a charge for bookings which are not kept, unless cancelled by telephone.

Bookings can be made by e-mail, but for new customers it is much easier to do it by phone as we will need a lot of information. For existing customers, please do not regard your booking as confirmed until you have had an e-mail back from us.

Vaccination requirements

All dogs must be vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvovirus. The vaccination must have been given within the last 12 months. In addition, we require that all dogs are vaccinated against Infectious Canine Bronchitis (Canine Cough), which is given by nasal drops.

Click here for further information on Infectious Canine Bronchitis (Canine Cough).

Cats must be vaccinated against cat 'flu and enteritis.

If you have any doubts about whether your pet's vaccinations are up to date, please consult your vet in plenty of time.

We will ask to see your pet's vaccination certificate, signed by your vet, as proof of vaccination. We are also required by our licensing authority to take a copy of the vaccination details.

Veterinary Insurance

All dogs and cats boarded at Little Coombe are covered by veterinary insurance provided by Pet Plan Ltd. If treatment is given whilst boarding, we will claim for it directly from the insurance company. If treatment is given for an illness arising within 72 hours of going home, the owner should pay for the treatment and send us a veterinary receipt. Assuming the treatment is covered, we will then reimburse the owner.

If an animal becomes ill after returning home, please let us know at once. There are strict time limits within which any claims can be made.

Veterinary treatment

The resident retired veterinary surgeon, Jenny Sheriff will make an initial assessment of any veterinary needs. If treatment is required, it will be given by the duty vet from Corner House Veterinary Surgery, Exmouth. If you would like us to use a different veterinary practice if your pet falls ill, please inform us. There may be a transport charge for this.


If your dog or cat requires any medication prescribed by your vet, we will administer these at no extra charge. This includes tablets, liquid medicines, ear drops, eye drops and routine flea prevention.

We also take diabetic animals, although there is a small extra charge for administering injections.


We stock a wide range of dried and tinned foods for both dogs and cats, any of which can be given to your pet once or twice daily. The list of foods available may be obtained at the time of booking. If your pet has a need for a special diet which we do not provide, you are welcome to supply your own food. We do not give a reduction in price if food is provided by the owner, nor do we make any extra charge for feeding a special diet.

If your pet requires a prescription diet for medical reasons, this must be supplied by the owner.

Feeding times

Feeding times for dogs are approximately 8.30-9.00am and 4.30-5.00pm. Please do not worry if this does not coincide with your normal feeding times. All you have to do is tell us when you leave your dog whether they have been fed or not, and we will adjust the quantities accordingly. Similarly, when you take your dog home, it may already have been fed. It is important not to feed again (unless a small quantity only) to avoid a tummy upset.

Unfortunately we are not able to feed dogs at their usual feeding times, because we would, literally, be feeding all day, with no time for anything else.

Puppies requiring three feeds a day can have an additional feed at lunchtime.

All cats are fed twice daily. Both dogs and cats have access to fresh water.


Dogs have an individual covered concrete run, which they can get into all day (except when cleaning). We also exercise dogs individually on extending exercise leads in our own grass fields.


Long-haired cats are groomed daily. Short-haired cats are groomed as required.
Dogs are groomed regularly, according to coat type.

Shampooing & nail-clipping.

If you would like your dog to have a shampoo on the day of collection, please ask. An extra charge will be made for this service, and we will need to know your planned time of collection. We can also clip your dog or cat's nails during their stay. All prices available on application.

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